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Never miss a chance to communicate effectively! Circl is a new mobile app replacing business cards!
With Circl you can simply create your account and it will generate a unique QR code that could be scanned by other Circl users to have all the info you added on your Circl account.
In seconds and you will be all set!
Smart, Effortless and Environmentally friendly!

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How it Works

As simple as it is.

Create profile

Create your profile with all your info and the Circl will generate a QR specified for you that other users can scan to have your profile.


Expand your Circl by simply scanning other users’ QR codes and you will have all the data saved on your Circl profile.


Once you scan a new contact, you can instantly call, text, and email them. Or save their contacts to your phone.

Why Circl

More convenient

Circl is hassle-free so you don’t need to save any business cards and keep looking for it to retrieve information when you need it. On the other hand, it saves your pocket space from carrying business cards.

Wallet with business cards

Time and money saver

Circl helps you to find your contacts through very easy features like the date, or by searching the name. Also, instead of sitting a budget to print business cards, you can simply download Circl, use it and edit your profile at any time and the whole updated info will be automatically updated with your network.


Environmentally friendly

Circl is a great way to go green by being paperless which is a very useful method to keep the environment clean.



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Extra Features


Circl will mark the day you scanned other profiles which will make it easier to retrieve the new scanned contact.


The Search field is also a faster way to retrieve the information of the new contact you scanned.

TWO Profiles

If you have Two jobs, Circl made it easier for you. So, you can have TWO different profiles under ONE account.


You can edit and update your information at any time and that will be synchronized and reflected in your profile.

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